Rabbet Workshop: Add a Project to Rabbet at any Stage

Learn how to add a project to Rabbet no matter the stage of construction or completion

Project creation in Rabbet has never been easier. The creation wizard tool will guide you through the steps to create your project, no matter the stage of completion. Rabbet customers have added projects at all stages: predevelopment, closing, start of construction, nearing completion, and post-completion.

In this webinar, we will review the various options, shortcuts and guidance you will encounter when creating a new project. Rabbet provides the necessary tools to load any amount of historical project finance data. Don’t let timing stop you from taking advantage of the many monitoring, collaboration, and auditing features that empower you to make data-driven decisions.

Target Audience: Developers, Equity Partners, Services Vendors, Lenders

Estimated Program Length: 30 minutes 

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You'll hear from:

  • Michael Hickman, Rabbet

    Michael is a senior member of Rabbet's Partner Success team. Partner Success provides technical expertise and guidance including webinars, product guides, and resources in the Rabbet Help Center to help lenders and developers efficiently manage construction finances.

  • Will Mitchell, Rabbet

    Will is the co-founder and CEO of Rabbet, a software helping real estate developers and lenders efficiently manage construction finances. Will spent 10+ years in commercial real estate and completed his undergraduate studies in architecture and structural engineering from the University of Virginia.

  • Matt Daly, StructionSite

    Matt is the co-founder and CEO of StructionSite, an automated site documentation tool combining 360 cameras and AI. Matt spent 9 years at FARO Technologies learning about lean manufacturing and process control while helping automotive and aerospace manufacturers implement 3D scanning solutions on their production lines.

  • Jake Fingert, Camber Creek

    Jake is a General Partner at Camber Creek, a venture capital firm providing strategic value and capital to tech companies focused on the real estate market. Previously a Senior Policy Advisor at the White House under President Obama, Jake now coordinates Camber Creek’s operation and portfolio management.