2024 State of Construction Finance Report

The landscape of commercial real estate has radically changed post-pandemic, with challenges and opportunities that can redefine success in the coming years.

Our comprehensive 2024 State of Construction Finance Report unpacks the critical trends that are shaping the industry. Designed specifically for forward-thinking lenders and developers, this report offers critical insights for lenders and developers eager to stay ahead of the curve.

Why Download This Report?

  • Risk Management Takes Center Stage: With risk management becoming a top priority, learn the challenges developers and lenders face that impact operations and what tactics industry leaders think will best serve to more effectively manage risk in their portfolios.
  • Efficiency Through Automation: Explore where developers and lenders believe automation technologies could minimize manual errors and maximize efficiency in construction finance.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Uncover the latest trends on how real-time data and improved visibility are reshaping project management and finance decisions.

Download the 2024 State of Construction Finance report to access the data and insights that could redefine how you manage construction finance.

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