How to Realize Value from a Successful Software Implementation 

Are you a commercial real estate developer looking to boost your operations and make smarter, more efficient decisions?

Imagine gaining the confidence to invest in technology and knowing it will not only pay off but exceed your expectations.

View the third session in our webinar series where we explore the following topics with Joel Sandridge, VP of Design and Construction for Golub and Company, who shares his real-world experience on his organization's tech journey:

  • Optimizing B2B SaaS Implementation: Explore how structured planning, role understanding, and key milestones are crucial for successful implementation.
  • Best Practices for Onboarding and Adoption: Delve into technical and functional considerations, user engagement strategies, and overcoming common challenges.
  • Measuring Success: Align your tech stack with business goals, identify KPIs, and hear Joel's insights on maximizing your software investment.

Target Audience: Real Estate Developers

Program Length: 45 minutes

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You'll hear from:

  • Stephanie Guttman, Senior Vice-President of Revenue, Rabbet

    Stephanie is the Senior Vice-President of Rabbet, a software helping real estate developers and lenders efficiently manage construction finances. She has worked with hundreds of lenders and developers to design best practices for managing construction finance.

  • Joel Sandridge, VP of Design and Construction, Golub and Company

    Joel Sandridge is responsible for overseeing the execution of Golub’s domestic development projects with a focus on design, construction, and overall project management. He has extensive experience in the architecture and construction industries across numerous market sectors. 

  • Will Mitchell, CEO, Rabbet

    Will is the co-founder and CEO of Rabbet, a software helping real estate developers and lenders efficiently manage construction finances. Will spent 10+ years in commercial real estate and completed his undergraduate studies in architecture and structural engineering from the University of Virginia.

  • Jake Fingert, Camber Creek

    Jake is a General Partner at Camber Creek, a venture capital firm providing strategic value and capital to tech companies focused on the real estate market. Previously a Senior Policy Advisor at the White House under President Obama, Jake now coordinates Camber Creek’s operation and portfolio management.