Finding Hotspots In Your Portfolio: Evaluating Construction Risk in the COVID Landscape

Due to COVID-19, commercial real estate got a lot more risky. To help lenders during this crisis, Rabbet hosted a short but powerful webinar sharing tools and best practices for today’s construction loan administrators to evaluate risk.

Join Rabbet CEO Will Mitchell in a webinar covering the following topics:

  • Quantifying risk now so you can avoid fires later

  • The key areas to focus on for identifying construction risk

  • Process change - evaluating this risk is harder at home

  • Evaluate construction stability and default risk

  • Review maturity dates and need for extension

  • Categorizing key subcontractors and potential risk

  • Quantifying product type and geographic exposure

  • The actionable ways to manage the direct impacts on job-sites today

Leading lenders are evaluating all aspects of their development portfolio to avoid potential defaults. This webinar will go over the items that your team should be evaluating to avoid disaster.

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