What Can CRE Developers

Negotiate With Your Lender?

Commercial real estate developers may not realize that there are quite a few terms - besides LTC and interest rates - that can be negotiated with your lender.

In this webinar, we will outline which elements are negotiable, how to benchmark those elements against industry standards, and why lenders are willing to work with you on those elements.

As with any negotiation, understanding the interests of the other parties involved helps you anchor to realistic outcomes. Rabbet serves both lenders and their borrowers which gives us clear insight into the goals of each side.

Not only will we tell you WHAT you can negotiate. Stephanie Guttman will walk you through HOW to negotiate these terms and how these contract tweaks can accelerate your development team’s efforts.

You may be surprised at the various pieces of your contract that are actually negotiable and how you can leverage these pieces to align with your internal processes and business goals.

Target Audience: Real Estate Developers

Estimated Program Length: 30 minutes

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You'll hear from:

  • Stephanie Guttman, Senior Vice President of Revenue
    Stephanie has worked with 100s of lenders and developers to design best practices for managing construction finances.
  • Michael Hickman, Partner Success Consultant, Rabbet
    Michael is a senior member of Rabbet's Partner Success team. Partner Success provides technical expertise and guidance including webinars, product guides, and resources in the Rabbet Help Center to help lenders and developers efficiently manage construction finances.
  • Will Mitchell, CEO, Rabbet

    Will is the co-founder and CEO of Rabbet, a software helping real estate developers and lenders efficiently manage construction finances. Will spent 10+ years in commercial real estate and completed his undergraduate studies in architecture and structural engineering from the University of Virginia.

  • Jake Fingert, Camber Creek

    Jake is a General Partner at Camber Creek, a venture capital firm providing strategic value and capital to tech companies focused on the real estate market. Previously a Senior Policy Advisor at the White House under President Obama, Jake now coordinates Camber Creek’s operation and portfolio management.